Yard Trading & Broker Software

Yard Trading Software

Market yard trading Billing and Broker software is tailor made for Products Market Committee specially for Agricultural product & commodity. involves lot of accounting like cash payment and bank payment and detailed maintenance of daily transactions with reports like purchase Register, Sales Register, And other account of all ledger. This software makes the whole process very simple. It is completely designed developed for the mass market. This software is made in such a way that it will easily manage whole accounting, Item Trading, Commodity Auction, Daily Transaction and All other necessary modules using computer.


A broker is responsible for coordinating communication, such as forwarding requests, as well as for transmitting results and exceptions with The Broker architectural pattern. This software is made in such a way that it will easily manage whole brokerage accounting.

Various Menu

  • User
    • New User
    • Change Password
    • Firm Select
    • Year Select
    • Log off/Change Login
    • Calc
  • Broker Master
    • Account Master
    • Item Master
    • Broker
    • Marka Master
  • Transaction
    • Sales
    • Purchase
    • Utaro (Purchase-sales)
    • Utara Bill Generate
    • Caret Entry
    • Opening Balance
  • Account
    • Case Payment
    • Case Receipt
    • Bank Payment
    • Bank Receipt
    • Journal Entry
  • Reports
    • Register
      • Bank Book, Cash Book, Journal book
    • Parchase
      • Summary, Monthly Summary
    • Sales
      • Summary, Monthly Summary,Print,Purchase Summary
    • Caret Register
      • Register, Caret Rojmel, Ledger
    • Account
      • Ledger, Payable/Receivable, Ledger Summary
  • Utility
    • Firm
    • Book
    • Transfer
      • A/C Entry Merge, Item Entry Merge, Stock Transfer, Sales Bill Missing, Outstanding(Lase year), Item Group Transfer, Year, Transfer to next year
    • Reminder

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